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In general

First impressions count! It is a known fact that how a Pub, Restaurant or Hotel looks is a key factor in making decision whether a potential customer WALKS IN or WALKS BY.

We offer a wide range of attractive and colourful flower displays to create a striking, welcoming image for your pub, restaurant, hotel, office or private homes.

Our exterior landscaping services include hanging baskets, window boxes, even creating and maintaining complete pub and beer gardens. We also provide a range of other outdoor services such as street displays for local councils. Our grounds maintenance division also undertakes lawn maintenance, lawn mowing, border and hedge maintenance and soft landscaping.

To book a consultation with Major Plats Limited for more information about our exterior planting and maintenance services, please give us a call on 020 8245 7565.

We cover all areas in the inner M25 ( Greater London ) and some counties around the M25 in UK. MajorPlants specialise in hanging baskets , windows boxes , indoor plants , outdoor plants , all year round flower displays .