Rental & Maintenance

Our commercial hanging basket rental service option allows you to decorate your venue for an affordable monthly fee, whilst avoiding unnecesary and expensive investments. We design, install and provide an all-year round service, making sure your displays are always in perfect condition. Rental and maintenance does not just apply to your hanging basket service, we also offer office plant rental and maintenance packages.

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Purchase & Maintenance

If you think in the long-term, we highly recommend that you purchase all your hanging baskets and brackets etc. This will save you a considerable amount over the years. If, at some point, you decide to end your maintenance Agreement, all the equipment and the irrigation system will belong to you and remain at your property.

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Purchase Only

The Purchase Only service is aimed at our clients with green fingers. Our Purchase Only service option is very simple as it eliminates all maintenance and rental costs. Once you have chosen your displays, make your one-off payment, you then own all the displays, leaving you to maintain your flowers. This option is ideal for small projects or one-off purchases.

All our plants, hanging baskets, containers and many other products are available on a purchase only basis.

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Maintenance Only

If you already have your own displays and an irrigation system in place, we can offer a Maintenance Only service. With this option, we will ensure that your hanging baskets, troughs, pots and displays are always in pristine condition.

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One-Off Projects

Our One-Off Projects option, consists of hours spent on site, opposed to purchasing or rental services. This would include exterior grounds maintenance work, such as large landscaping projects. Costs are:

Planting services: £33.00 + VAT/per hour

Soft landscaping, basic lawn maintenance services: £33.00-£45.00 + VAT/per hour

Shrub and hedge trimming and maintenance services, from: £45.00 + VAT/per hour

Supply and install a micro-irrigation system, from: £330.00 + VAT/[per system

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